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Few people are aware of the risks posed by 5G. It is being rolled out and advertised for its faster download speeds, but without clear explanation of what exactly it entails, and the risks attached. There are huge concerns in the scientific and medical community.

The Government wants new 5G mobile-wireless technology installed throughout the UK before 2027.

To date (March-2020).  It has already been rolled out in 57 major towns and cities including GUILDFORD.   It is likely to come to Dorking and Mole Valley in the next 2 – 3 years, maybe earlier.

We are a group of concerned residents in the Mole Valley area of Surrey, UK, working together to raise awareness about the dangers of 5G.


What is 5G?

For the past decade or so, we have seen rapid changes in the area of telecommunications & WIRELESS technology, enabling us to communicate via voice, text, internet etc. Current technology used is 3G / 4G wireless (where G = generation). Each new generation so far has been an upgrade to its predecessor. 5G is a completely different beast, requiring a new infrastructure. 5G will utilise millimetre waves, a different bandwidth from that currently used, & can only work effectively if small cell networks are installed. 3G/4G relies on a few base stations (think tall masts) for transmitting signals. In future, in addition to these masts (which themselves will be upgraded to receive & transmit even more signals), there will be 1000s of mini base stations in the same area, all effectively forming a sort of relay team. These will be fixed on lampposts (even on your residential road), shop fascia, & under manhole covers. 20,000 5G Satellites will also be launched into the Earth’s orbit, giving a blanket 24/7 coverage to every living creature on the earth. “Smart” appliances contain antennae & will further add to your 5G-load.  There will be no escape.   

What are the concerns? 

  • 5G is being launched wholesale to every inch of the earth, WITH NO SAFETY TESTING.
  • Breach of Human Rights. We and our planet are effectively being used as guinea pigs, without our consent. Currently we can minimise our exposure by avoiding WIFI in our homes etc, but in future, we will have NO CHOICE. We will be exposed to high levels of radiation 24/7.   
  • Woefully inadequate safety guidelines.  Those used in the UK are set by the ICNIRP. They are out of date, lax in the extreme and based on the false assumption that only thermal-induced effects cause harm.
  • 1000s of peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate serious biological effects and harm to human health from current EMF use at non-thermal levels, orders of magnitude below current ICNIRP guidelines.   
  • These include, amongst others:  cancers, heart problems, diabetes, infertility, neurological damage, DNA damage, depression, dementia, eye damage. First casualties have been reported in Geneva after the 5G rollout.
  • Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic radiation.   
  • Evidence extends also to the harm caused to plant and wildlife by EMFs. 5G will exacerbate this further.
  • Alteration of the Earth’s electromagnetic environment may pose an even greater threat to life. The well-being of all organisms depends on the stability of this environment
  • Lloyd’s of London have excluded any liability coverage for claims resulting from EMRs
  • Electronic-waste (E-waste), already a huge problem, is predicted to get far worse with 5G. 

A call is being made for a moratorium on the 5G rollout before irreversible damage is done. it would be wisest at this stage to invoke the precautionary principle & call for an independent study on the health & environmental effects, not just on 5G, but on the combined radiation from 5G & current technologies. To allow a blanket rollout, untested, is irresponsible & utter madness. We need to STOP this before it is too late, for the sake of ourselves, our families, future generations and our PLANET.

What YOU can do


  1. Spread the word & raise awareness. Talk to family & friends.
  4. Write to your local councils &  MP.  See  for their details. Just type in your postcode
  5. Say NO to SMART meters, or anything “SMART” for that matter!

“Your silence is consent” Plato

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